Terms and Conditions

This Agreement was last modified on 18 February 2018.


esouq.pk gives its users the access to use the website which is non transferable and revocable. User cannot modify, add or remove some, many or whole content. Website is for the use of shopping for personal use, it cannot be used for commercial or third party reference until unless getting permission from esouq.pk


esouq.pk is the E-Service provider giving the services of the vendors to showcase their product on the websites. However promotional campaigns will be done on request of the supplier.

The digital content such as promotional material on the website is solely the property of esouq.pk. It cannot be copied by anyone for any kind of use until permission granted by esouq.pk. User will notify first for the permission from esouq.pk.

The material provided in the website for informational purpose such as product showcasing are of vendors and it does not reflect our submission or opinion toward the product. Those are the standardized information from the vendor about the product. esouq.pk gives vendors the services to showcase their product on the website.


Information that is provided by the user such as comments, feedback, suggestion etc, cannot be returned once given and it can be shown with the name provided by the user.


Website has the rights to terminate these terms and condition at any without any notice, in addition of any other legal or equitable remedies. The website can take back any access that is granted, however for any reason at any time. IT can also take back accounts, passwords or website can cease access to the website, if found any suspicious act. Furthermore agrees that the website is not liable to you or any other, so if disagreed with any terms and condition, policy, rules, guideline for operation in operation then should discontinue using the site. By continuing the website, you agree with all the above stated Terms and Conditions.

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